So you have made some really cool merchandise. And now what?

Do not be ashamed to wear and promote your merchandise. Wear them when you are onstage, when you are rehearsing, when you go to places with a lot of people. You can even give them to your musicians as a gift. Most of them love wearing a cool music t-shirt, even if they play with another band, different than yours. And, of course, you should not forget to promote them on social media.

Wearing your amazing merch will help selling. If you won’t wear your merch, why would your fans?

Are you a new artist? It is a great idea to do this: hang out at the merch table. It’s important to meet your fans face-to-face. People after a gig will want to talk to you, meet you and show you their appreciation . If you meet all these people near the merchandise table they will probably want to show you their support by buying your stuff.

Do not forget: your visual identity will always be a key part of your success. Get a great looking cover for your tracks which will make beautiful merchandise: visit our galleries. Click here.