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When one single artwork is not enough for your music project, SETS are a great solution.

What are SETS?

Sets are groups of 5 different, but based on the same artwork, covers that you can use in many ways.

For example
if you want to print a booklet and you need more than one artwork for the rest of the pages:

or if you want to have similar covers for different tracks:

You can use all the SETS images anyway you like.

All files come on*:
vinyl size (high/printable resolution)
jewelcase cd size (high/printable resolution)
3.000×3.000 px size (ready for digital distribution)
500×500 px size for digital communication

*SETS do not come on Facebook cover size.

Please note:

If you check the Sets option next to the cover of your choice, we will design for you 4 similar images to this cover. You will receive your files in 3 working days.

If you choose any of the Extras: “Adding Text” option, “Parental Advisory Explicit Content logo” option and “YouTube Pack” we are going to send you only one (the first in order) cover with the extras on.

In case you do not prefer the first image, fill in the form “Additional Information” when you proceed to checkout and let us know which one of the rest 4 images you prefer: B, C, D, E (or F).

If you need text on all covers please buy your SET without checking the “Add text on the cover” option, and then contact us ([email protected]).

We can also design similar covers to a single artwork you buy from or an artwork you already have!
Contact us & tell us about it. (e-mail: info@music-artworkcom)

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