The only thing you need in order to make merchandise and promote your music is a high resolution image of your album artwork.

Follow these steps:

1) Learn about the products you can create: Visit a printing shop

TIP: Ask them to inform you about the products they print (t-shirts, pins, cups, hats, bags etc) and show you samples. You can also try online printing services, such as Merchly.

2) Ask the price of each product.

TIP: The more products you print of each kind, the lower the price for each item.

3) Give them your high resolution image for testing.

TIP: You can try to print more than one items and see what you like the most. For example, a t-shirt and a tote bag. It is also important to choose the right background colour for your artwork. It is more safe to use a black or a white t-shirt for example, because these colours are neutral.

4) Check carefully the result of your test products.

TIP: Compare the prices, think of the cost and try to imagine what your fans would prefer to buy. Bare also in mind the shipping costs (for someone who would like to receive the item at home).

5)  Find a nice, simple package for each of your items.

TIP: Your merch should look nice, even when they are inside a bag. Find a nice package that will make your products look even more attractive. Have your items with you and try different kinds of packages that fit nice in dimensions, material and color.

A great looking artwork makes great looking merchandise that fans would love to buy. Explore our gallery and get an awesome high resolution artwork which will make really beautifull merchandise.